Erin Ploss-Campoamor
La Americanita was Erin's graduate student thesis film for San Francisco State University. It was a semi-finalist for the $10,000 Angelus Film Award, won Best Short Film at the Made in Miami Film Festival and Best Short Film at the Cinequest Film Festival.

Her prior film, April in the Morning, was nominated for the Eastman Kodak Award and was the showcase piece in her application for the $25,000 Jacob K. Javits Fellowship (which she was awarded twice).

Her feature length script, La Americanita, was a two time semi-finalist for the Feature Film Program at the Sundance Institute and an official selection for the NALIP Producer's Academy.

Pablo Proenza

Pablo Proenza 's short film, ViDi (which he wrote, directed
and edited) was described by Peter Keough of the Boston Phoenix as "a masterpiece" and the work of someone who shows " intimations of genius." Pablo was also nominated for the Eastman Kodak Award for his work as Director of Photography on the film April in the Morning, and his feature script Incommunicado was a semi-finalist for the Sundance Institute. He directed the feature length thriller Dark Mirror, which was acquired by IFC Films and is currently the #1 all-time top selling film for IFC On Demand. For more information, please visit: www.pabloproenza.com
Director of Photography:
Douglas Glover
Douglas Glover has worked as the Director of Photography and/or Camera Operator on 35mm feature films, such as Desert Hearts, Storm in the Afternoon and Twelve, the award-winnning 16mm short film White Rabbits (Winner 1996 Edinburgh Film Festival: Best Student Short) and an award-winning 35mm Nike spec commercial (Winner 1998 AICP Award: Best Student Commercial). For his work on The Road Home, he recently won the Best Feature Cinematography Award at the 2002 New York International Independent Film Festival. He was the recipient, early in his career, of a camera fellowship with Steven Poster, A.S.C. and subsequently worked as an AC for the likes of Haskell Wexler, A.S.C., Caleb Deschanel, A.S.C., and Tami Reiker. He has since shot a variety of feature films, music videos, commercials and documentaries. He is currently scheduled to shoot an independent feature on Hi-Def in Saint Louis.
Deron Tse
Deron Tse has worked as a gaffer on shorts, features, music videos and commercials. For his credits, visit lightingboy . In between gaffing gigs, he works as an electric and sometime grip on films such as Finn Taylor's 35mm feature Cherish, Adam Goldberg's Anamorphic 35mm feature I Love Your Work and the comedies Nora's Hair Salon and Fronterz. The latter two films are some of the first features to be shot on the new Panasonic 24p miniDV camera.
Assistant Cameraperson:
Chris Cooke-Venot
Chris Cooke-Venot has worked extensively as an AC, Art Director and Location Scout on a variety of commercials and independent film shoots and as the 1st AD on the 35mm feature Rude, Wild and Irresponsible.
Sound Mixer:
Roger Martin
Roger Martin has directed short films and worked as both a DJ and a sound mixer for several years.
Production Manager:
Andrea Proenza

Andrea Proenza has worked as stage manager, director and producer of various plays at the Whittman Theatre.

Casting Director:
Lori S. Wyman, C.S.A.

Lori Wyman has worked in South Florida as a casting director for over fifteen years. She has cast over twenty television series, including 21 Jump Street, Maximum Bob, and the HBO original film Havana Nocturne - The Arturo Sandoval Story, starring Andy Garcia. Ms. Wyman's list of film casting credits includes Revenge of the Nerds, Wild Things, Analyze This, and Big Trouble, starring Tim Allen.


Music by:
Juan Carlos Mendizabal

Juan Carlos Mendizabal has been a composer, musician, producer and general manager for Black Note Music; composer, performer and arranger for Twilight Dreams Music; a member of El Salvador National Symphony Orchestra; composed chamber and symphonic pieces (Trio, Canto
Para Ser Perseguido
, La Milonga del Fusilado); designed
web sites (Sukay World Music); was the composer of an electronic score for the multimedia dance theater production Thistle; composed background music for Sun Microsystems - Netra CD-ROM; sang in El Coro Hispano de San Francisco (Hispanic Choir of San Francisco); trained and taught as
part of a community outreach group in El Salvador a legendary folk band (Los Torogoces) and a new fusion band (Los Del Oficio) and was the founder and performing band member
of the Salvadorean folk group Atonatl.


Additional Music:
Deltrice Thorner
Deltrice Thorner and her producer Andre Rivers provided the song "She's That Deal" for the music video scene of the movie.


Additional Footage:
Nick Towle
Nick Towle provided the video "Blush" for the music video scene of the movie.

Still Photographer:
Donny Herran

Donny Herran has worked as a still photographer for years and currently works as a TV producer for Nickelodeon.

Todd Bearden, Paskal Lighting
Steve Platt, Blue Sky Restaurant
Jenny Monje, Jenny Monje Realty
Britta Sjogren, San Francisco State University
Bill Nichols, San Francisco State University
Technical Assistant:
Lisandro Perez Rey

Lisandro Perez Rey is a recipient of the $10,000 Oscar B. Cintas Fellowship as well as a grant from the Ford Foundation. He has been working as a producer for several years at Sky Latin America as well as creating his own documentary films (such as Gato, Reunión familial and most recently, a film about the Mariel boatlift called Más Allá del Mar which won Best Feature Documentary at the Made in Miami Film Festival).
Production Assistants:
Abe Pachakara has experience as an AD, AC, boom op and PA.
Joe Kump has worked as a boom op and PA.
Zach Ordonez is a Film and Still Photography major at UM.
Juan Carlos Agudelo is a computer programmer & loves film.
Brandon Cuicchi is a Film major at UM.
Javier Proenza is a musician and artist currently living in Italy.
Make-up Artist for the Beach Scene:
Debra Hurd
Debra Hurd has been working as a successful make-up
artist in Miami for over twelve years, providing professional services for a wide variety of commercials, films, TV shows
and news shoots (Goodman/Brown Productions, Spice Girls toys, BBC/Discovery, Nickelodean, VH1, Miami Herald).

Hair Coloring: Anthony Gonzalez

Fashion Magazine still photographer: Jason Lam

Fashion Magazine make-up artist: Stephanie De Yo

Art Director / Wardrobe / Editor of the film:
Erin Ploss-Campoamor

Additional Dialog Recording:
Gustavo Acosta & Mario Diaz
Gustavo Acosta has worked extensively as a Cinematographer, AC and in many other capacities and Mario Diaz has also worked in many different aspects of film/video production.
Both are based in Miami, Florida.

Post-Production Sound Mix:
Steve Salani of Forte Music

Steve Salani does post-production sound for both film and music in his Forte Music studio in Santa Monica, California.

Film Lab: FotoKem

Colour Timer: Walt Rose

Negative Cutter: Joy Rencher, JR Post

Subtitles: Chuck, Nick Vasu Titles

Optical Track: NT Audio

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